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NY to Amsterdam


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Testimonial Sonia F.

Sonia F. Saved $780

“My boyfriend and I managed to book a roundtrip ticket to Bali for just $390 return!! Thanks to you guys we were able to make our dream come true.”

Testimonial Wesley A.

Wesley A. Saved $810

“I love you guys! I've been looking for vacations that fit my tight budget. After upgrading I got your London deal and booked a hotel + flight for just $480!!!”

Testimonial Marcus T.

Marcus T. Saved $640

You guys are awesome! Me and my girlfriend finally managed to tick Dubai off our bucket list when we booked a flight for just $360!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cheap Fly Club free to join?

Yep, it’s completely free! Sign up by entering your email address at the top of the homepage to instantly receive cheap flight alerts in your inbox.

There is also a paid premium version for those wanting to get even more deals.

Is your service available for countries outside the US & Canada?

Currently we are only focusing on cheap flights within the US & Canada. With that being said, we do plan on expanding to Australia, New Zealand and the UK in the future.

Can you help me with a specific flight?

We’d love to help but.. the list has grown so big that we simply can’t keep up with requests. We constantly search for cheap flights all over the world. Watch your inbox closely and I’m sure your destination will come up!

What makes you better than other deal sites?

We only send out the very best deals we can find. These deals are for flights that are 50% off or more!

We only send out exceptionally good deals, rather than spamming our users’ inboxes to meet a certain quota. Our core focus is quality rather than quantity.

Also, unlike other sites we don't earn any commission for sending out these deals.

How many emails should I expect?

This really depends on how many great deals we come across, as we only like sending the very best. On average you will receive 5 emails a week.

We only send out exceptionally good deals, rather than spamming our users’ inboxes to meet a certain quota. Our core focus is quality rather than quantity.

Do you receive commission for the flights?

Nope! We're not affiliated with any company whatsoever, we don't earn any money for sending out the emails.

What is the premium subscription?

Joining our flight club is completely free and as a free member you’ll be receiving ridiculously cheap deals a few times a week.

However we also offer a paid Premium Membership which gives access to ALL the deals (4x as many), let’s you choose your departure airport and a few other benefits. We have thousands of members free and premium members, so no pressure to go either way!

How do you find such cheap flights?

My team and I spend hours searching for cheap flights on websites such as google flights, momondo and kayak everyday.

We continuously monitor flights to destinations all over the world, watching for massive price drops or mistake fares. Whenever we find an amazing deal we send them out to our loyal subscribers.

Are all these deals last minute?

Nope! Most deals we find are 3-10 months away. This leaves you with enough time to make arrangements with your commitments before travelling, rather than having to pack at the very last minute and panic.

Can I unsubscribe at anytime?

Absolutely, Free Subscribers can unsubscribe by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of any email sent out by us.

Premium Subscribers can unsubscribe by dropping us a quick note at josh[at]cheapflyclub[dot]com

Do premium subscribers get billed monthly?

If you choose to upgrade to premium we have multiple plans. One of these plans includes a $4/month plan. We also offer an annual plan and a semi-annual plan (6 months).

I signed up but am not receiving emails?

If a couple of days have passed since you subscribed and you haven't yet received an email from us please contact us at josh[at]cheapflyclub[dot]com and we’ll sort it out together.

How much can the premium subscription save me?

The premium subscription is $4/month, which means that if you book a flight and save $500 the subscription would have paid for itself over 150 times!

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely, we uses an SSL encrypted connection and the secure payment processor Stripe as trusted by companies like Facebook, Kickstarter, and Shopify.